Choosing the Right Bernoulli Filter

Supporting innovative design with outstanding materials and construction, the Bernoulli Filter is a continuous filter that delivers years of efficient, low-maintenance operation. Here’s what to consider in choosing the automatic self-cleaning filter that exactly meets your requirements.

Click here for our handy Selection Guide, and here for a chart showing at a glance which basket and housing variations are available with our BSP, BSG and BSS filters.

The Bernoulli self-cleaning water filter, piece by piece Simple and effective, each Bernoulli Filter consists of a few major parts and assemblies – see the illustration (need the labeled cutaway illustration). Together, these parts filter water passing through, then clean the basket strainer and expel the particles through the flush valve – effectively, continuously, automatically. Learn more.

Basket structure options
Depending on desired filtration degree and other operating issues, choose the basket type best suited to your application.
Perforated baskets in AISI 316 L stainless steel or titanium offer filtration degrees between 1 and 2 mm, and an open area of 31%. Titanium baskets are best for seawater applications.
Wedge-wire baskets use thin rods in triangular cross section, joined by support rods. This structure creates finer filtration degree (1mm - .2mm) and open areas between 50% and 21%. It works well with sand or fibrous contaminants.
Expanded metal baskets provide our finest filtration (0.1 mm), constructed with support mesh for extra strength.

Housing materials
Bernoulli Filters are available with housings of PVC, GRP (Glass-fiber Reinforced Polyester) and AISI 316 L stainless. GRP is ideal for a seawater filter or other applications with corrosive media; stainless steel is preferred for freshwater and higher-temperature jobs.

Flow capacity The Selection Guide indicates which models are appropriate for given flow capacity demands.

Specifications Click the filter type listed below for complete product specs.


BSC 65 BSP 80 BSP 100      
BSG 100 BSG 150 BSG 200 BSG 250 BSG 300 BSG 350
BSG 400 BSG 450 BSG 500 BSG 600 BSG 700  
BSS 80 BSS 100 BSS 150 BSS 200 BSS 250 BSS 300
BSS 400